New Year, New Project… oh no!

I have been writing everyday, at least a little bit. And not just throw away junk, not just journals, not just the clever shit I want to say to my friends or to entertain attractive women. I have been writing in a pointedly, if somewhat silly way, every single day. The result of this has been my new, continuing, rhyming, and aptly named series of “The Limerick of the Day!” I’m not sure where this is leading me creatively, but thus far it has been a lot of fun. At first I expected to do it for just a few weeks from mid-December when it was first suggested to me through the new year. But I’ve made it a habit and I rather enjoy it, so if I’m going to be bold. I’m not often keen on sweeping pronouncements, sudden self-challenges or arbitrary beginning of the year resolutions (everyone knows that January is a crumby time to start something anyway). But I might have to join the ranks of “Project 365”-ers everywhere and write a new limerick everyday this year. Of course, I won’t be calling it anything as silly as Project 365, I think it will remain the far more descriptive, much less embarrassing Limerick of the Day. Over the course of a full year I may miss some days and I may even have to re-imagine the project, perhaps injecting some new forms now and then (think haiku Wednesdays). But the important bit is I will be keeping myself in new poems, unfamiliar humor, fresh whimsy, every day.