Products of Sleeplessness

Early this week I decided I would head out to shoot the sunrise again. This time I was headed to the other tip of Long Island, Orient Point. It was a supremely worthwhile venture, which also involved my waking up from a nap in a McDonalds parking lot feeling like I slept all day (I then proceeded to buy my $1 cup of coffee). Fortunately I rested well enough to get these photos done this week. 

There are also two images here from my second 3am excursion in a row (yes I did that twice this week). After seeing the sun rise just shortly after the moon I thought I would try again in someplace with a bigger sky. But I arrived to Montauk in pea soup fog and instead set about taking what nature was giving me. My favorite thing about Mother Nature is her ambivalence toward my plans. And with that in mind these Camp Hero bluffs called to me. They are the perfect example, their beauty exists by no other means than their destruction, and here they were disappearing into the fog, mist and surf.