Having relocated a few very short months ago, I’m starting to feel comfortable in my new city. Plus I’m getting my business above board, and finally assembling a meaningful list of target galleries to show my photography. There is more to that story, but its not time just yet. 

This weekend I took Sunday off and spent it at the waterfront in Virginia Beach. I walked to boardwalk in the wind with my camera, got a few funny looks and a couple of cooperative clouds. Then I was asked by a group of revelers to snap their picture, so I did. There was at least one joke made about my snapping with an iPhone while holding my Canon in the other hand. So at their suggestion, I took one to post here:

They're a good looking bunch, huh? If any of you see this, shoot me an email, I'll send it to you.
They’re a good looking bunch, huh? If any of you see this, shoot me an email, I’ll send it to you.

Then there are a few more in the total take for the day I want to share:

Finally, I want to tease something thats a way up the pipeline for now, but its coming. Most everyone who’s familiar with my work knows I’m available for commercial or editorial work, and that you can buy prints here on the site, but there’s a whole new concept coming soon. Also stay tuned for more on the People in Spaces project.


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