Discounts, and Announcements!

It’s been a week since I spent the morning hanging a small collection of my photography to display in a lovely mom-and-pop coffee shop called A Latte. These pieces have already begun selling as gifts to the wonderful downtown Norfolk community. And for this I’m extrememly grateful. Go check them out if you’re in the area! 
There’s another opportunity for folks to come see (and purchase) my work here in the tidewater coming up. Details forthcoming! 

But what I’m most excited to announce is that over the next month or so I’ll be offering a discount on print purchases from my website galleries leading up to the Christmas Holiday! I’ve been getting some great feedback from folks who want to buy gifts. So in an effort to get all the orders out the door, while sparing you a little extra money, here’s how it’ll work:
30% off until Black Friday November 29th
20% off until December 8th
10% off until December 25th
The sooner you purchase the less you will spend and the easier it will be for us to stay on time. Coupon codes will be going out here on my blog, via twitter, and will be posted to the front pages of the current 30% coupon code is SKIPTHEDOORBUSTERS
As always, contact me with any questions!


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