Motivational Love Letters

Everyone has had this experience: “I have not been writing as much as I would like to be.” Maybe for you it’s not about writing, but at some point you start feeling that things just aren’t flowing. Lately I’ve buried myself with a genuine mountain of reading material, and my focus has crumbled beneath it. So this morning I threw most of it off.Sometimes it pays to cut back, but my big breakthrough for the morning was shutting up my inner critic (he who cannot do). I did not have anything to write, but I did not let that stop me. What I returned with was something I’m going to call a motivational love letter. Feeling detached from my artistic insights and incisiveness, instead I wrote to myself. Words to illicit action, a little of the why and the why not, the keys to the kingdom of motivation.
I recommend it, when you’re feeling diffuse, and can’t find your first foothold, stop looking up the rock face, and talk to your feet. Give yourself license to drop for a moment your first imagined goal. Then write yourself a love (or tough love) letter, it might help you arrange your priorities and erase your confusion and diffusion.

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