Waking Up

There are moments when one starts to see the world with the eyes he always knew he had. An awakening begins for learning has occurred through the newly dedicated eyes of a child. Impulses are stronger, and you can take their suggestions, follow your will and discover its destination. There is suddenly no reason or even excuse to remain sedentary, to remain static, to remain a person of the world that is given to you. The necessity of building the world as you see it becomes known and life will improve by getting much harder.
Any moment is a journey of self discovery. This is the space I have been living in after a very good acting class this week. The great challenge of touching my impulsive, emotional, center has set off a great will to express. Unfortunately and much to my stifled excitement I must continue to live in society and among those who know me in a manner divorced from these things. it has not been easy to walk this week among the Starbucks drinking, mall-shopping masses, peering down from the elevated, air conditioned, over sized, SUV driver seats, unthinking of the un-humanity of their “experiences.” It is not easy to be human when you are so dominantly Person. And today I stand between these states, aware that I am in fact more human than person, and yet unwilling to write off the world of domesticated personhood. Can these ever be reconciled?

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