Come On; another poem in progress

Come and touch me warming in the dark.Touch me listen to the rain,
touch me summer nights turning spring mornings.
Pour me in a glass, I’ll tickle your tongue and burn in your throat
Before plucking a heart string and sitting, pit of your stomach.

Come on, this is what life feels like.
Tin roof or tent fly give me you and a front lawn made from sand
You slip through my fingers but I feel you burned into my arms,
An ear on my chest, you listened to my heart
I guess you didn’t hear it because it was so busy skipping beats
Now I run and I listen to the rain,
Today my cardiovascular health is remarkable,
Just in case your ear meets my chest I will be sure this time,
Come on, that’s a standing invitation.
Because this is what lives feel like.
I want you to define me,
I will whisk you away, somewhere neither of us has ever been,
and let’s discover what life is like,
Just come on,
touch me leap of faith,
touch me lilac scent,
touch me listen to the rain,

And I can hear your arm laid cross my waist in the rain that’s falling past my window…

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