There are times and places where the much heralded approach of “with the eyes of a child” are not just inappropriate but downright infuriating. I have quite by accident found myself feeling as one unplugged from the matrix. There are many things which carry weight in society and lean heavily on peoples minds and schedules. These things diffuse one’s attention, their attentiveness, the force of their being. What those things are will vary widely with the individual, and yet the effect is the same. Some people (even those who have great promise) are simply, dreadfully, painfully, depressingly, and irretrievably dull.
More than once lately have I thought I might be making a friend, before sadly discovering that the individual in question was no individual at all, but a plugged-in, switched-off, force-fed, zombie of 21st century economics. They are as a battery feeding man hours and earned income thoughtlessly into the giant fictional world made sense of for them and presented to them by corporate retail strategy. Now, this is not to allege any conspiracy, but I find it difficult to believe that no one who is writing big business mission statements (or designing and strategizing the irreplaceable bastion of american freedom of choice that is the shopping mall) understands that this model is not one based in humanity. Rather by designing every moment of interaction (in shops and to an ever greater degree, outside them) for building brands and customer loyalty and identification, I think that these people are simply doing their jobs to deliver better outcomes for investors. But for now this pursuit is hostile to the well being of many.

This is not a problem which will self-quarantine, instead this persistent pavlovian training will become virally more ubiquitous and the opportunity cost for humanity will begin to mount. Many potentially important, prolific, inspiring thinkers could be redirected into waiting for instruction, supply, and permission from on high to do, to think, to believe, and eventually to feel.


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