My Least Favorite Dilemma

After a long weekend of shoveling snow up here in the great wet northeastern states, I am struggling to overcome a mite of sickness. I’m the first one to admit that I am not brilliant at facing down my resistance, and that recognition helps me. However, when I begin to feel less than 90% physically, my ability to focus drops clean off the table. This is one of my ultimate moments in the dilemma of effort, should I push through and ignore the discomfort to raise my spirits by the satisfaction of getting things done? Or would I be better served resting, napping, drinking tea, for the chance that I recover sooner? The hard part of this question is that neither option feels good. And that is where the trouble begins.

We all know that happens then, we attempt to do both, and therefore accomplish neither. And so I will likely be forced to move on to the next days no better rested than usual and with little accomplished. Writing this is merely a half-witted escape from this scenario. This way I’ve done something easy and self-referential, which can masquerade on my to-do list as successful work time. I promise more actual content is on its way. 

In fact I’m even formulating some technical advice some folks could make practical use of. But for now, TEA, and maybe I’ll move over to some reading I had planned to do before today‚Ķ 

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