The Best Excuse for a House Concert

The week before last I was invited to a party. This was a party at my friend’s parents’ home to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary. I had met my friend’s husband only a time or two before, never met the family. Arriving a little late turned out to be a bit embarrassing, as I didn’t know there was to be a formal renewal of vows. But I walked in and a moment was unfolding. I sat on the floor, camera in hand and made a few pictures. The ceremony unfolded, the room breathed, the couple invited their married friends to join them in remembering and renewing their commitment. 

My friend is a musician, and a music teacher. She had a small chorus of her colleagues serenade her husband. It was sweet and beautiful, but the full-fledged hour long house concert that followed was what made it a remarkable day. This was a new turn on ‘refreshing’ seeing the kind of family this is, and the birth and expansion of community that takes place when we all give what we make, unselfishly, and joyously. The evening was celebrated with delicious homespun food, drinks, and a house concert, followed by some very light hearted karaoke. The concert was played by a friend of the couple whom they had helped get on his feet when he couldn’t play his instrument and was moving to a new city. 

The kind of love that makes ten years of marriage into a community of makers and givers, still bows to greater wisdom and offers as well as accepts help. It takes little more than a willingness to give, and touch the emotional lives of people around you to turn a house to a home, and a party into a legendary moment.

Live well everyone.