People in Spaces Project

I’ve started working on what will be a series of shoots capturing people in their places with local artists and performers here in Norfolk. One of the things that interests me most as a poet and as a performer are the ways the world changes in strange little moments of personal discovery, that the world is forever a different thing for the person in that moment but its distinctly the same for everyone else. The way our small choices push us over cliffs of forever after that crumble into smooth beaches and we are the only ones walking the boardwalk who know these were once giant bluffs. This project looks at creative people building lives and careers and changing the shapes of their worlds. There’s a way that places shape and inform these experiences, and in return, these places will absorb our character. 

The first in that set was a double shoot with my dear friend Scott, astonishing tenor, professional singer for hire, Managing Director of the Virginia Chorale, and (former) foursquare mayor of (just about) everywhere in Norfolk. First we got some pictures in the studio (headshot fare and some debonaire flare) then we took a walk down by the Elizabeth river and had some fun in really unusual and beautiful late afternoon light in an abandoned building by the river bank. The corrugated metal roof of the building is rusted through in places making a kind of gobo throughout much of the space. It was a little dank, and there was some off-color graffiti but we got some really cool pictures in what was deemed Scott’s Secret Musical Lair. 


This Iowa-class Battleship is now a museum of a kind and makes a HUGE impression on the color of downtown Norfolk. I finally made this picture after running past the monumental machine 4 times a week for the better part of a month. I had a difficult day of figuring out how to do the things that don’t appeal to me, grinding on the stuff that I wish I could outsource, so I had to go get the reward of making a really neat picture at sunset.