A Jumble of New Images

This is a collection of Photos that remained either waiting for output over the last few months, or which were just part of projects too small for a whole gallery of their own. Having just settled into my new place, I’ve been on a role for housekeeping, and so I figured it was time to take care of some digital housekeeping as well. Most of all, its a series of photos which find a fairly descriptive place in my life in transition. I hope you like them. And a big thanks to my buddy, James for coming out to shoot the bluff-top sunrise with me, braving the gnats and poison ivy. That morning came out pretty well I think.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

 It’s been some time since I last posted here due to my relocation. I’ve just moved from my native Long Island to Tidewater Virginia. Like any move, in spite of my best efforts and extreme drive for the most complete possible preparation, it was nonetheless an exercise fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. If I had followed my own advice I would have kept to my regular writing and running (the things that made me feel like myself and centered). It would have helped to curb the anxiety and I might have had a better experience. But it should seem that all advice, (your own or anyone else’s) can be easier said than done. Still, I’ve survived, and I’m arriving back at those important things. It was difficult being without some of my favorite tools while things like my furniture and much of my clothing and even some secondary equipment for my digital workflow were being shipped. Even once they arrived here at my new apartment/studio it took several days to get myself back together. Now I’ve settled back in to some semblance of a life and its time to get back into my work. With my desk reconstituted I have been able to process the last few weeks of photographs and I’ve turned up some new products to share. Look for those in the next couple of days.

For now I’ve been spending some time settling into my survival job here, and trying to make some connections in Norfolk. I’ve moved into a hip youthful neighborhood and its a big change from the isolated, oak forest/suburban melange of where I lived on Long Island. I’ll miss the state parks for sure, but there are some trees here But what I’m really excited about is that there are a lot of small (and mostly independent) businesses here. I took a stroll with camera in hand the other day and stopped in on an art gallery, an outdoor gear shop, a throw-back mom-and-pop pharmacy, and took in a 35mm movie at the art-house theatre around the corner. So far its been lot of fun to be friendly and say hello, ask what everyone does around here. Eventually I’ll have to start translating this motion into action (fellow motivation/productivity blogger James Clear wrote a great piece on this recently) by establishing a working relationship with the area galleries and possibly print shops. But for today I’m happy to be where I am.

New pictures coming soon, stay tuned!