Metaphorical Mountaintop

It has been a long time, a lot of solitude and perhaps more than my fair share of communing with nature. The time has come for me to travel down from the literal mountaintop. I have yet to reach its metaphorical counterpart but I feel I have established my base camp. For the last few years I have struggled to decide, to buy in, to affirm my direction, to be sure of the relevance of my voice. Finding the self knowledge and attitude, even spiritual positioning for this leap of faith has not been trivial for me. But from here in the foothills of my long summit trek of fulfillment I have finally decided which face I will scale. Moving forward from here, I can only expect a lot of feeling stupid and sliding back and traveling precarious passes. The good news is that now is the part where all the tools come out, the crampons, the axes, the ropes and summit bags. It’s time to get back to making stuff. A day to day battle of create and attempt, of TRIAL and error, of evolving the product of my voice. For a long time I hoped that I could evolve in a vacuum, but alas, not even I could manage such a thing. My gift for escapism will have to atrophy as I build my concerted and considered effort in pursuit of all things as a practice. That watching light in my photography will inform my speaking truths which stream from the sky in the small behaviors of the world as magnified for the stage. A new chapter begins.