Waking with the Spring

I’ve been suffering lately from something thats clearly not depression, something more superficial. Denting? Thumb-printing? Its like a seasonal-affective-disorder for the early spring. I’ve been sleeping my life away, sparing the rest of my time to do little more than run and show up for my part-time job.At least I can say that the running has been going well. Its relaxing, energizing (but never quite enough to carry the rest of my day) and gives me somewhere to set and acheive goals. The goal setting part is important because otherwise my goals have been kind of daunting. And so even as the world wakes up outside I have been hunkering down as if beginning a hibernation. But after two weeks or more with little progress on my more significant projects, its time for a change of tack.
First and perhaps most importantly to my self-motivation, I am planning my first significant escape in a few months. I’ve been looking forward and seeing nothing but the grindstone and unclear upheavals in the distant future. It’s been a pattern for me that without a clear beginnings and endings my motivation will ebb. This will give me a marker for time over the next month or so. And in addition I will drop my late allegiance to pen and paper. Tools are often a point of frustration for me because i do not settle very long on favorits. It may be time to return to the digital, paperless world I set up some time ago. And most importantly it’s time to get back to rising early, and starting my creative brain chemistry in my best pRts of the day.