This Iowa-class Battleship is now a museum of a kind and makes a HUGE impression on the color of downtown Norfolk. I finally made this picture after running past the monumental machine 4 times a week for the better part of a month. I had a difficult day of figuring out how to do the things that don’t appeal to me, grinding on the stuff that I wish I could outsource, so I had to go get the reward of making a really neat picture at sunset.

A Jumble of New Images

This is a collection of Photos that remained either waiting for output over the last few months, or which were just part of projects too small for a whole gallery of their own. Having just settled into my new place, I’ve been on a role for housekeeping, and so I figured it was time to take care of some digital housekeeping as well. Most of all, its a series of photos which find a fairly descriptive place in my life in transition. I hope you like them. And a big thanks to my buddy, James for coming out to shoot the bluff-top sunrise with me, braving the gnats and poison ivy. That morning came out pretty well I think.

Fruits of my Distraction

Its been a few weeks since I got back to the job of writing this site. That time has been manic and busy and unfocused and blurred, but the good news is that I have something to show for it. Taking time away from writing (not so deliberately) and spending it with photography has been good for my brain. If I were to consult The War of Art I’m sure I would come back with my tail between my legs, for the truth is that I have gotten afraid of some writing I have started. Usually the things you resist hardest turn out to be your most important work. 

Still, today I set some writing out in my schedule alongside time to learn and do a bit of (far too complicated) bookkeeping. Then I promptly spent all of that time editing some recent sets of photos. Now there are lots of arguments for how and how not to figure out just what might be one’s calling for lack of a better term. In fact I have suggested here that one of the very best ways might be to look for what you can’t stop doing (provided you aren’t too absorbed to take a step back). The difficulty lies in the fact that I also know for certain that Steven Pressfield was correct when he wrote The War of Art, that the things you are best at avoiding are the most important. So here I am. Caught in the middle. Obsessively editing, looking back over, ranking, making new versions, and exporting images that I have spent my free days capturing. Its a great way to be, creating. I sit down and there is not, then by the time that I get up, there is.

So today I have these new shots to share. Also check out the new project gallery/homepage here at searching for bohemia, its sucked up a bit too much of my time lately and I hope you enjoy it.

Post no Bills

Last week I had the great opportunity to shoot again with the great folks at Dates Like This. They introduced me to a couple of new characters and we made these pictures for some more of their image assets. The two guys you see here are the fictional band “Post no Bills” in a storyline continuing from season 1 of the web series. Owing to some heavy rain, the plan for outdoor environmental portraits was re-imagined last minute, complete with a change of location.

The need to stay loose and free with my expectations was great, and with the help of the director for Dates Like This we got some pictures I am really proud of. I am always thankful to get to work with a director, because my experience as an actor taught me it never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes. 

Check out Dates Like This on their website DatesLikeThisSeries.com, follow them on twitter @DLTSeries, watch season 1 and get excited for more heartfelt romantic comedy. If you like them, contribute to their fundraising at IndieGoGo.

Loneliness in Black and White

My resistance has been getting the better of me lately but when it comes to my photography I am moving a little more energized. So after much hemming and hawing I’m bringing you a set of long exposures from a local beach. This is part of my first learning of how to handle these images with some new software toys, but I’m really happy with the process so far! A few more to add to my ever-expanding gallery collection of “Loneliness in Black and White” I hope you enjoy them.