A broad, white mat for life

Spent a little while matting prints last tonight. I stood over my work table with this one for quite a while. It was a moment of unusual clarity (I just rearranged all my furniture to get more clarity in my workspace). It’s spare, it’s simple, but it drew me in. When you stand under this stone it’s quite wonderously large and imposing, but in black and white, with the world blurring around it surrounded by a pure white mat, it’s something harder to put a finger on. I stood in the now blank walled nearly empty room myself matted in white and with a distance from the world. I had to step back for a few minutes and reflect on all the things that got me here.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Discounts, and Announcements!

It’s been a week since I spent the morning hanging a small collection of my photography to display in a lovely mom-and-pop coffee shop called A Latte. These pieces have already begun selling as gifts to the wonderful downtown Norfolk community. And for this I’m extrememly grateful. Go check them out if you’re in the area! 
There’s another opportunity for folks to come see (and purchase) my work here in the tidewater coming up. Details forthcoming! 

But what I’m most excited to announce is that over the next month or so I’ll be offering a discount on print purchases from my website galleries leading up to the Christmas Holiday! I’ve been getting some great feedback from folks who want to buy gifts. So in an effort to get all the orders out the door, while sparing you a little extra money, here’s how it’ll work:
30% off until Black Friday November 29th
20% off until December 8th
10% off until December 25th
The sooner you purchase the less you will spend and the easier it will be for us to stay on time. Coupon codes will be going out here on my blog, via twitter, and will be posted to the front pages of jgallophoto.com the current 30% coupon code is SKIPTHEDOORBUSTERS
As always, contact me with any questions!



Having relocated a few very short months ago, I’m starting to feel comfortable in my new city. Plus I’m getting my business above board, and finally assembling a meaningful list of target galleries to show my photography. There is more to that story, but its not time just yet. 

This weekend I took Sunday off and spent it at the waterfront in Virginia Beach. I walked to boardwalk in the wind with my camera, got a few funny looks and a couple of cooperative clouds. Then I was asked by a group of revelers to snap their picture, so I did. There was at least one joke made about my snapping with an iPhone while holding my Canon in the other hand. So at their suggestion, I took one to post here:

They're a good looking bunch, huh? If any of you see this, shoot me an email, I'll send it to you.
They’re a good looking bunch, huh? If any of you see this, shoot me an email, I’ll send it to you.

Then there are a few more in the total take for the day I want to share:

Finally, I want to tease something thats a way up the pipeline for now, but its coming. Most everyone who’s familiar with my work knows I’m available for commercial or editorial work, and that you can buy prints here on the site, but there’s a whole new concept coming soon. Also stay tuned for more on the People in Spaces project.


People in Spaces Project

I’ve started working on what will be a series of shoots capturing people in their places with local artists and performers here in Norfolk. One of the things that interests me most as a poet and as a performer are the ways the world changes in strange little moments of personal discovery, that the world is forever a different thing for the person in that moment but its distinctly the same for everyone else. The way our small choices push us over cliffs of forever after that crumble into smooth beaches and we are the only ones walking the boardwalk who know these were once giant bluffs. This project looks at creative people building lives and careers and changing the shapes of their worlds. There’s a way that places shape and inform these experiences, and in return, these places will absorb our character. 

The first in that set was a double shoot with my dear friend Scott, astonishing tenor, professional singer for hire, Managing Director of the Virginia Chorale, and (former) foursquare mayor of (just about) everywhere in Norfolk. First we got some pictures in the studio (headshot fare and some debonaire flare) then we took a walk down by the Elizabeth river and had some fun in really unusual and beautiful late afternoon light in an abandoned building by the river bank. The corrugated metal roof of the building is rusted through in places making a kind of gobo throughout much of the space. It was a little dank, and there was some off-color graffiti but we got some really cool pictures in what was deemed Scott’s Secret Musical Lair. 


This Iowa-class Battleship is now a museum of a kind and makes a HUGE impression on the color of downtown Norfolk. I finally made this picture after running past the monumental machine 4 times a week for the better part of a month. I had a difficult day of figuring out how to do the things that don’t appeal to me, grinding on the stuff that I wish I could outsource, so I had to go get the reward of making a really neat picture at sunset.

More Developments, New Images!

There have been even more new moves lately. I have a few new images to share here, and new features of my new site at J.GalloPhoto.com that’ll be really cool for all of us. I’ll give you the recent photos first, so as to build the suspense!

Lately I was feeling a little far from the things that turn me on creatively. To beat those doldrums I’ve taken up a few of my all time favorite activities. First, I’ve been running quite a lot lately and as always its making me feel more awake, more alert and in control. Giving myself time to get into a rhythmic meditation is clearing my mind and letting me focus back on that creativity. Second I went down to Portsmouth for the sunrise and made a few HDRs. Its really nice to have a good consistent practice like this, I need only to wait for a partly cloudy sunrise. The sameness of the technique means I can have the gratification of turning out a pretty striking image, but more important that sameness pushes me to try something fresh. Shooting the cranes, and dry docks are new and really different subject matter for me. This was a restorative project, being both familiar and a kind of stretch. I hope you like them:

** News! **

So, I’ve been posting new photos from many jobs and varied locations to this blog for a long time. This has given you, dear reader, the opportunity to see my latest work, and to “like” those images as you see fit. But recently I’ve begun a transition to my new site at J.GalloPhoto.com and this is bringing some really cool new stuff. I’m proud to announce that from the gallery pages of that site, not only can you view many of my images in beautiful full-screen slideshows (with no watermarks!!), but you can like, share, tweet, email, link to, and even purchase them to have for your very own! So once again, I urge you to check them out! Thanks!

Big Changes, Big News, Cheap Wall Art!

You may have noticed that the site has gotten a little redesign lately. That is because there’ve been some big developments in the world of my online presence. In particular, there is now a beautiful new site at JGalloPhoto.com (you may have already noticed the new “Photography” link here at SfB will take you there). This means that SearchingForBohemia will return, to its original purpose: delivering to you strange musings and heart warming poems about somewhat fictionalized versions of the people I know and love. The new photography site contains my portfolio, a few galleries of images I’ll offering for sale, and information about my photography practice, should anyone wish to hire me. 

Its been a long time coming, and the fact of the matter is that it should not have taken so long. Still, I’m extremely glad its here and I’m proud of it, and the work I put into it. So, if you recall, I’m living in Norfolk, VA now. Referrals are awesome!

Speaking of awesome, I’ve teamed up with the heroes at Square to allow online purchases of some beautiful prints of my work! I have a small stock of prints matted, mounted and SIGNED by yours truly. But most exciting of all I’m offering them at a pretty steep introductory discount! Go check out my Square Market page to see what’s still available!

My online store at JGalloPhoto.com is still in process, so please keep an eye out for updates on that in the next week or two. But for today check out the new site, take a look at square market, and please tell your friends!

A Jumble of New Images

This is a collection of Photos that remained either waiting for output over the last few months, or which were just part of projects too small for a whole gallery of their own. Having just settled into my new place, I’ve been on a role for housekeeping, and so I figured it was time to take care of some digital housekeeping as well. Most of all, its a series of photos which find a fairly descriptive place in my life in transition. I hope you like them. And a big thanks to my buddy, James for coming out to shoot the bluff-top sunrise with me, braving the gnats and poison ivy. That morning came out pretty well I think.

Products of Sleeplessness

Early this week I decided I would head out to shoot the sunrise again. This time I was headed to the other tip of Long Island, Orient Point. It was a supremely worthwhile venture, which also involved my waking up from a nap in a McDonalds parking lot feeling like I slept all day (I then proceeded to buy my $1 cup of coffee). Fortunately I rested well enough to get these photos done this week. 

There are also two images here from my second 3am excursion in a row (yes I did that twice this week). After seeing the sun rise just shortly after the moon I thought I would try again in someplace with a bigger sky. But I arrived to Montauk in pea soup fog and instead set about taking what nature was giving me. My favorite thing about Mother Nature is her ambivalence toward my plans. And with that in mind these Camp Hero bluffs called to me. They are the perfect example, their beauty exists by no other means than their destruction, and here they were disappearing into the fog, mist and surf.